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Reviews, Questions, Replies & Question Alert

What should I include in a good review for a download?
It doesn’t matter if you found a software good or bad, please tell others about it.  However, we do ask that you provide reasons for your opinion.  Please don’t just say that you found the software ‘good’.  Try and make your review useful for others – it might make them download the software, or it might make them change their mind if people are only writing negative reviews about a download.  Either way, your opinion counts. 

Please also remember that other users have the chance to rate your review as to whether it was useful or not.  The more people that vote your review as being helpful, the more points you will earn, and you might also make it into the “Top Rated Reviews” on the home page.
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How can I submit a question to the site?
If you have a question specific to a software, then please click on the software description page and find the tab for “New Questions”.
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Why isn’t my question immediately visible on the site?
All questions which are submitted need to be published and will take between 30 minutes and one hour before they appear on the website. 
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How can I keep track of my questions and any replies?
All questions that you send in and any replies you submit can be found in your User Card.  Open up your User Card and click on “My Questions” or “My Replies” in order to see the status of your questions and answers.
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How can I add a comment to a reply?
If someone has submitted a reply and you would like to add a comment to the reply, you can do so directly underneath the reply itself.
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What makes a reply appear in the “Top Rated Replies”?
Your replies to questions can be rated by other users.  Helpful replies can be rewarded.  If a user clicks on the feature saying that your reply was useful, you will gain additional points and if enough people rate the reply useful then your reply will appear in the “Top Rated Replies” on the home page along with your avatar!
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What is the “Question Alert”?
If you are interested in a certain type of software then you can subscribe to the “Question Alert”.  When you have subscribed to a “Question Alert” for a specific software category, you can quickly and easily keep track of new questions which are submitted for that category.  All questions will be conveniently displayed in your User Card.
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How can I add a category to my “Question Alert”?
There are two ways to add a category to your “Question Alert”.  The first option is to go to a software that you are in interested in and then click on the “Add this category to my Question Alert”.  The category has then been added.  The second way is to go to your User Card and click on “Questions Alert”, followed by “Edit My Categories”.  At the bottom of this page you are given the chance to “Apply for a New Expert Category”.  Select the category or sub category from the drop down menu and confirm the addition by clicking on the submit button.
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Where can I see if there is a new question waiting for me?
All new questions for a category for which you have subscribed will be displayed in your User Card under the tab “Question Alert”.  If there is only a blank screen then there are no new questions in these categories.
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