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USB Windows Setup

Windows to Flash? What can this be? Well, it's quite an innovative piece of software that can help you transfer a windows installation kit from a CD or DVD to a Flash memory stick.

What's the use for that, one may ask. Well, it's simple. Those of you who have been using a laptop for longer than two years might have noticed that the optical drives are not built to last. So, when the optical drive is gone and we need to reinstall Windows, what do we do? Go out and buy a new optical drive? Now there's a simple answer for that: WinToFlash.

WinToFlash is developed with the purpose to help us install Windows off a USB drive on any computer supporting 'boot from USB' in the boot sequence. These days, most of the PCs (desktops or laptops) have USB boot support. To be more explicit, WinToFlash can be used to transfer the Windows setup files from a disk (CD, DVD) to a USB Flash or other USB portable drive. Thus, we would have a bootable USB Windows installation kit.

WinToFlash can be used to transfer Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8 Setup to a USB drive, create a USB drive with emergency bootloader for Windows XP/2003, transfer MS-DOS to a USB drive or create a USB drive with Windows XP/2003 Recovery Console.

Download: WinToFlash


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